Preparation is the key to being accepted!!!

College  Audition Bootcamps

t5 = training trumpeters to teach themselves

 Prepare with me, justin Emerich, and Jean Laurenz!

Guest artists Justin Emerich (Michigan State School of Music) and Jean Laurenz (University of Wisconsin, Seraph Brass)  will join me for a boot camp to help you get your auditions for music school and beyond honed and ready. Members can use their time to play mock auditions or just play one selection at a time for feedback. With a combined experience of over 30 years of hearing auditions at conservatories and major college music programs, we KNOW what makes a successful candidate for music schools! This is the chance of a lifetime to get your playing ready for the most important auditions you’ve ever played. 


See below for all details and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. I answer ALL my messages.


Audit The Bootcamp

If you’d prefer to simply watch and take part in the Q and A, sign up as an auditor.

Can't Make It?

Can’t make the sessions? They will be recorded and shared with all Members and Auditors.

auditions bootcamp:

January 6-8, 2023

Justin Emerich and Jean Laurenz, Special Guests

Dynamic young teachers running top notch programs at big music schools, join me in helping you prep for your auditions. Play full mock auditions or individual selections and learn what we hope to hear in every aspiring young trumpet player!

January 10

College Auditions Bootcamp Session 2 with Ben Wright and Chris Martin

6:30-8:30 Masterclass

8:30-9:30 Q and A

In addition to feedback from us during the live sessions, Members AND Auditors gain access to hours of video clips  and tutorials from my

Sound Truth Library™ including:

  • Bach Magnificat 
  • Bartok concerto for orchestra 
  • Beethoven Leonore 2
  • Beethoven Leonore 3
  • Bizet Carmen Prelude
  • Mahler 5 opening 
  • Mahler 5 first movement
  • Mussorgsky Pictures
  • Ravel Piano concerto in G major
  • Respighi Pines of Rome Offstage solo
  • Strauss Don Juan
  • Stravinsky Petrouchka
  • Enesco Legend
  • Honegger Intrada 
  • Bitsch 5 
  • Bousquet 3
  • Bousquet 7
  • Charlier 2

Here’s a small selection from the tutorial on the Honegger Intrada, which is in total over 35:00 long, working through every section of this commonly asked audition piece:

“In my zoom lessons and masterclasses, I am getting the same information via his high-quality audio setup as if I were sitting in the same room with Mr. Wright, without the expense and hassle of traveling to Boston.  

The Sound Truth Library videos and Practice Window Training create a great feedback loop –  I listen to Ben play an excerpt and the same week be coached on how to work through it at home. 

The Practice Window training really helped me create better practice habits – it quickly showed me how I could be more efficient in getting to my goals faster.”

Ben Hauser

Spring 2021

T5 member

Principal Trumpet York (PA)

Principal Trumpet Arkansas Symphony


Ben’s teaching made me see the importance of playing longer lines and being more organized. Hearing him in person and in the orchestra was always inspiring. My playing wouldn’t be where it is today if I hadn’t studied with him.

Elmer Churampi

Dallas Symphony and NEC BM '18

“Ben has been an incredible mentor and teacher for me, and I can’t thank him enough for all the invaluable lessons he has given me in music and beyond…. The perspective he provided was just the right push at just the right time to allow me to be happy and successful here and now.

Chris Boulais

MM New England Conservatory

Ben’s approach of singing to save chop time and focus on the music was really beneficial to me. His focus on being mentally and physically balanced was one of the keys to my success in winning auditions. Years after I studied with Ben, he was a pillar of support when I needed his it most – his advice helped me bounce back from a challenging time in my career and move forward.

Mike Myers

Trumpet, The Seattle Symphony

It has been wonderful to have the structure of a studio setting during this gap year between undergrad and grad school. It would have been easy to slow down and regress with a total lack of performance opportunities. Getting instruction from a world-class symphony musician was great, as was getting feedback multiple times a week from Ben and my Practice Partners. It would have been so much harder to improve on my own. It was fantastic to hear from so many professionals with different perspectives in the weekly Trumpet Chats.

Kobina Sampson-Davis

T5 Member Spring and Summer 2021