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fundamentals Boot Camp

January 2023

For Highly Motivated Trumpet Players Who Want To Take Their Playing To The Next Level

In your trumpet-playing life, what matters most is the basics. Mastering the building blocks of your technique is the fastest, smartest approach to reach any kind of musical goal. 

Want to start 2023 in stride, playing as well as you can? I’m gonna guess your answer is “Yes!” If it is, join me and special guest, Karen Donnelly (principal trumpet, National Arts Center Orchestra) this January 13-15 for our Back to Basics Bootcamp.

New Years’ resolutions are great, but THIS year, take action – use this Boot Camp to kick start your year and level up your playing!

There is no doubt that my career in the Boston Symphony Orchestra has been fueled by the basics, including:

  • a beautiful sound
  • stable pitch
  • solid rhythm
  • good intonation
  • elegant phrasing 

 Knowing how to solidify these fundamentals is the key to success – join us to learn how we learned to develop and maintain these qualities in our playing.

This is only a partial clip : the full video for my Gekker tutorial is over 20 minutes long.

This is only a small sample – the full Schlossberg tutorial is 35 minutes long!

Here’s the tentative schedule:

Friday, January 13 afternoon session:

  • How to Develop a Balanced Routine with Karen Donnelly

Saturday, January 14:

  • morning warm-up Karen
  • afternoon: Fly around the trumpet with Ben
  • Saturday afternoon with Karen TBD

Sunday Morning, January 15:

  • warm up with Ben
  • afternoon/evening Beyond the CHOPS – understanding how to use your whole body to play  with greater ease  (Ben)
  • evening Q and A Ben and Karen

MEMBERS will get the opportunity to work one on one with Karen and Ben in live sessions. We will accept the first 12 members on a first come, first served basis – after that it will be auditor positions only.

AUDITORS will have access to all live sessions (and, yes, if you cannot make the live times, you may watch the recordings which will all be shared).

In addition to live classes, every auditor and member will gain month-long access to a set of video tutorials from my Sound Truth Library™ that explain how to practice my favorite exercises from these classic fundamentals method books:

Arban Shuebruk
Caruso Schlossberg
Clarke Stamp
Gekker Thibaud


All in all, this program offers well over 10 hours of video tutorials and instruction. 

Cost for Members is $179

Cost for auditors is $89




Studying with Ben was one of the best things that happened to me for my trumpet playing… Hearing Ben, not only in lessons, but on stage with the BSO every week, was enormously beneficial for my later success. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my time studying with him.

Travis Peterson

Principal Trumpet

The Utah Symphony


“Ben’s teaching made me see the importance of playing longer lines and being more organized. Hearing him in person and in the orchestra was always inspiring. My playing wouldn’t be where it is today if I hadn’t studied with him.”
Elmer Churampi

Dallas Symphony and NEC BM '18

“Ben has been an incredible mentor and teacher for me, and I can’t thank him enough for all the invaluable lessons he has given me in music and beyond…. The perspective he provided was just the right push at just the right time to allow me to be happy and successful here and now.”
Chris Boulais

MM New England Conservatory

“Ben’s approach of singing to save chop time and focus on the music was really beneficial to me. His focus on being mentally and physically balanced was one of the keys to my success in winning auditions. Years after I studied with Ben, he was a pillar of support when I needed his it most – his advice helped me bounce back from a challenging time in my career and move forward.”
Mike Myers

Trumpet, The Seattle Symphony