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Back To Basics Boot Camp

Thanks, Members and Auditors for joining! I love teaching and I’m excited to be working again w Karen Donnelly!  All sessions will be recorded. If you registered as a Member I will assume you’ll attend all sessions and schedule people in time slots as such.

Here’s the link to the Back to Basics Bootcamp video page which is password protected. 

The password (this IS case sensitive): BootCamp!#%

You will need it each time you access the videos.

100s of hours of hard work went into my library’s content – I’m trusting that you’ll please respect this and not share the password.

On the video page, you will find an assortment of videos covering fundamentals from the various methods as well as breathing and physical tips. You will have access to watch them as much as you like through February 1. There will also be the zoom link to the masterclasses as well as the schedule for those classes.

If you’ve booked a practice window training session (or sessions), follow these instructions to record your window:

Practice Window Training

ALL practice windows must be uploaded to YouTube (choose unlisted) in order for me to be able to complete them in a timely manner. Please do not send them via text, Drive, Dropbox, or pony express!

This is the zoom link for all sessions:

Topic: Back to Basics Bootcamp

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 538 345 9386
Passcode: Charlier!

Any questions or problems please reply to this email address.

Have fun and see you January 13!


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Faculty New England Conservatory