Elevation through imitation

Sound Truth Library

training trumpeters to teach themselves

Find YOUR True Sound

And take your playing to the next level


The Sound Truth Library features nearly 250 unedited video recordings made in my home studio with no added reverberation and I will continue to add more.  It is the largest collection of its kind in the world.

Though trumpet players often imitate what they hear on recordings or at live concerts, their teachers’ sound in a smaller room is the “True” Sound you should strive to imitate in your practice room. It is THAT sound that translates into the glorious tone we hear in concert halls.

Trumpeters ALWAYS learn more when their teachers play in lessons. As a student, hearing my teachers in concert was a huge motivator and learning tool. However, listening to them in their studios was crucial for the development of my sound.

Performing musicians can’t always play in lessons. What if players had access to that true sound at any time? The Sound Truth Library™ recordings are lessons in listening. This is what I sound like in a practice room, inches from my microphone, and what my colleagues hear sitting next to me.

In the archive, you will find:

  • Nearly 8 hours of my playing and talking through how I practice the

    most celebrated method books of Stamp, Arban, Clarke, Gekker, Schlossberg, and more

  • Dozens of the the most-requested orchestral audition excerpts, many of which have:
    • Video Commentaries on how to work through the excerpts
    • Original exercises I wrote to learn how to practice in PDF to download.
  • Video tutorials on a wide variety of topics from how to develop easy lip trills to playing various keyed trumpets like Piccolo and E-flat trumpet.

  • Videos of a selection of standard etudes including:
  •     Bitsch
  •   Bousquet
  •   Brandt
  •   Charlier



Above all, the most unique feature of Sound Truth Library is Symphony Stage™ :

Come sit in my section with Section-trumpet excerpts with my playing all the parts.

  • Learn how to hone your pitch and ensemble instincts by playing along with recordings of standard section excerpts like Brahms Academic Festival Overture, Debussy Fetes, Shostakovich Symphony #5, Strauss Einheldenleben and many more.
  • Want to play principal on Bach Magnificat? Play along with the recorded second and third parts. Prefer to play an internal part? Just choose the part you’d like to play and go for it!
  • Here’s an excellent example from former T5 Member Ben Hauser:


This spring, I am offering full access to the Sound Truth Library™ for $179.



    Studying with Ben was one of the best things that happened to me for my trumpet playing… Hearing Ben, not only in lessons, but on stage with the BSO every week, was enormously beneficial for my later success. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my time studying with him.

    Travis Peterson

    Principal Trumpet

    The Utah Symphony


    Ben’s teaching made me see the importance of playing longer lines and being more organized. Hearing him in person and in the orchestra was always inspiring. My playing wouldn’t be where it is today if I hadn’t studied with him.

    Elmer Churampi

    Dallas Symphony and NEC BM '18

    “Ben has been an incredible mentor and teacher for me, and I can’t thank him enough for all the invaluable lessons he has given me in music and beyond…. The perspective he provided was just the right push at just the right time to allow me to be happy and successful here and now.

    Chris Boulais

    MM New England Conservatory

    Ben’s approach of singing to save chop time and focus on the music was really beneficial to me. His focus on being mentally and physically balanced was one of the keys to my success in winning auditions. Years after I studied with Ben, he was a pillar of support when I needed his it most – his advice helped me bounce back from a challenging time in my career and move forward.

    Mike Myers

    Trumpet, The Seattle Symphony